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Main symptom of varicocele is swelling of scrota. If you have the problem of swelling on both sides of the scrotum, it might be that you are suffering with varicocele. 

  Basically varicocele is related with swelling of veins of scrotum.

What happens in varicocele is that spermatic vein which leads upward towards the heart from the testicles becomes swollen. Blood pumping becomes difficult because the one way valves which is inside the vein fails.

In normal case when the blood leaves the scrotum, it is pumped upwards at the time when heart beats. After that the valves gets closed and they stop the blood flow so that it may not come back down till the next heartbeat. But in varicocele the veins gets stretched and widen up because of which the valves are not able to close fully. Due to this the blood flows down between the beats which should not happen. Weight of the blood enlarges the veins further and stretches it. Flow of blood is not proper in such cases so the testicles become polluted, overheated and undernourished.

These veins which get swollen are called varicocele. It is responsible for low fertility or testosterone levels. This problem is a common one. 15% of the men face this problem. There are no specific symptoms of varicocele and they develop slowly. After some time the veins become enlarged and the pain starts.

In most cases varicocele appears at the left side of the scrotum, but also can appear on both the sides when the probability is more of hormonal imbalances.

Varicocele is most common between the 15 to 25 age group of men. Appearance of varicocele in aged men can be a cause of renal tumor. Renal tumor affects the renal vein and separates the flow of the blood through spermatic vein. Problem of varicocele remains unidentified till you diagnose infertility or till your veins become enlarged and pain starts. Varicocele is considered to be the main cause of infertility. Because of this fact 39% of the males getting treatment of infertility suffer from this problem. Among these men, the one who are the fathers of a child forms the 80% of the total. There is a good news for the men having the problem of infertility that by treating varicocele fertility can be restored.

If you are feeling such a problem, then you should not delay in consulting the doctor. If you delay this problem your testicle may shrink. Also your immune system gets weakened. In fact some experts think that if you delay in getting the treatment you might get the problem of the cancer of the testicles.

Surgery is the major form of treatment for varicocele. There are a variety of methods of surgery like microscopic sub-inguinal varicocelectomy, laparascopic varicocelectomy. If you are able to change your living habits you can improve the semen quality to a great extent. Some life style changes are:

If you are a smoker then quit from this bad habit.

You should avoid usage of the drugs like cocaine or marijuana.

Anabolic steroids are also responsible for this so try to avoid their use.

Quit from the habit of alcohol

Try to make exercise you routine.

By inhibiting these habits you can live a better life.

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