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  The Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine

Is a fertility center with the highest standards of ethical care and integrity. Our goal is to help every couple achieve their dream of creating a family. Dr. Kustin believes that each couple deserves highly personalized care delivered by their physician and our entire staff reflects his philosophy. We treat the individual person, not just the patient. Dr. Kustin sees his patients at each visit and is always available to personally answer questions.

Dr. Kustin is very comfortable working with Canadian patients and is familiar with their special needs. He is accustomed to working with the Canadian health care system and serving as a liaison with local family doctors and OB/GYNS. Most infertility treatments can be coordinated via telephone and e-mail requiring only a short visit to our Seattle facility.

We remain committed to dealing with the special needs of our patients from Alaska, Montana and Idaho. We offer complementary phone consultations, and records reviews, to learn if our center can help you achieve your dream of having a child. Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, Dr. Kustin will gladly work with your OB/GYN or family doctor even in rural areas with limited medical facilities.


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