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Pgd technology

There are many couples who divert their minds to get in the procedure of IVF known as in vitro fertilization who are unable to get pregnant after trying number of times.

  FISH stands for fluorescent in situ hybridization. This technology is a part of pgd. In this technology DNA probes are used which have been treated with a florescent dye, so that each chromosome tested gets lighted with different type of colors. Colored dots are then counted with the help of a microscope. The use of few probes at a time is the major drawback of this technology. This results in examination of only 9 to 12 of the total chromosomes. Accuracy of FISH technology is around 90% for the chromosomes which are tested. But in this pgd technology some chromosomes remain untested which creates problem which leads to transfer of aneuploidy with one of the untested chromosomes.

CGH Technology is also a type of pgd. It is known as Comparative Genomic Hybridization. This technology screens all the 24 chromosomes. To determine the imbalances CGH uses the control DNA and fluorescent dyes. Standard CGH, array CGH are the types of CGH. CGH process takes longer time because all embryos are first screened to be frozen and then transferred during a later period of the menstrual cycle. Results of CGH can get delivered on time.

There are various situations when couples get benefited from the IVF along with parental support. Some of such situations are:

Women whose age is over 35 can get help from the IVF to get rid of the problem.

Many couples experiences a multiple case of miscarriages, they also fall in the same category.

A couple who had fetus or is the child was diagnosed with abnormal chromosome.

Though pgd has helped many couples in getting child but it has few limitations also. It is not such that pgd method is right for everyone. All the couples have different types of problem; it depends on their problem what technology will be used for treating them. You should know that no test guarantees the birth of a healthy baby. The fact should always be remembered that pgd cannot out rule the mosaicism. This occurs when the single cell of the embryo differ chromosomally from the other cells that are present in the embryo.

If you are in need of any such procedure to get a child, then it becomes your responsibility to ensure that you are undertaking the right decision. For this you should make enough and detailed enquires with your doctor so that you may come to know what you require. This is a very crucial decision so you should try to be careful.

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