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Female Reproductive System

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Female Reproductive System.
What Is the Female reproductive system?

There are two types of sex, male and female. Both the sexes have their own unique type of reproductive system.

  Shape of their reproductive structures is also different from one another. They are in such a shape that both are able to produce the eggs or sperms.

Female reproductive system is located in the pelvis. Pelvis is the lower part of abdomen. Vaginal opening is surrounded by two parts which are in shape of lips and thatís the reason they are called labia. Small sensory organ clitoris is located at the front of valve where the two parts of the labia joins to cover the vaginal opening.In between the labia there is an opening of urethra which is the canal through which urine flows out of the body from the bladder. Outer labia of a girl get covered by public hair when the girl becomes mature; it is the sign of sexual maturity.

Vagina, uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes are the internal female reproductive organs. Vagina is like a hollow tube which extends from uterus to the vaginal opening covered by the labia. Vulva is the external organ of female reproductive system, which means to cover. Vulva is located between the legs and covers vagina and other reproductive organs which are located inside the body of female. Length of vagina of a grown woman is about 3 to 5 inches. Because of muscular walls of vagina it can contract and expand. This functionality of vagina of becoming narrow and wideallows it to become slim so that tampon may not get lost inside the body and widedue to which the baby gets out of there according to the condition.To keep the vagina moist and protected, muscular walls are lined with mucous membranes. Vagina performs several functions as a female reproductive system. It allows reproductive organ of men to combine with it in sexual intercourse, and also at the time of pregnancy the child comes out through vagina
and bloodcomes out through vagina only in the time of menstrualcycle.

Hymen is also one part of female reproductive system.It is the thin sheet of tissues which can have more than one hole which covers the opening of the vagina. Hymens usually differ from woman to woman. After having sex for the first time most women find that hymensare stretched or torn. Many women after having first time sex see that blood comes out of their vagina and also feels the pain. If the woman gets engaged in sex for more than one time, they donít feel much change in their hymen.

Opening of the cervix is very small as the mouth of the straw, so that even a tampon cannot get lost. Cervix is the part where the vagina gets connected with the uterus. At the time of pregnancy the cervix can expand so that the baby may come out of it.

Female reproductive system is responsible to continue generations. When the female reproductive system meets the male reproductive system, woman becomes pregnant (at the time of unprotected sex).

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