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tubal ligation reversal

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tubal ligation reversal.
Tubal ligation reversal-reverse of tubal ligation

There are many couples who want to go for the tubal ligation procedure if they are planning for not having more children.

This is considered one of the best ways if you do not want more children in your family. But in some situations mind of couples get changed with the course of time or there arises a situation, which may force them to take the decision of becoming parent again. This is the case when they require the use of tubal ligation reversal. Tubal ligation reversal is the method by which you get rid of tubal ligation. By this technique you are able to get a child again.

Tubal ligation method is the one which helps the women who have changed their mind and want to give birth to a child.

Woman who have undergone a tubal ligation require this tubal ligation reversal method. In this method fallopian tubes which were separated are united again. For this surgery only a professional or expert having experience is needed. Surgery of tubal ligation reversal is very complicated.

A number of women every year undergo this procedure who first decides to put a break on producing child, but have now changed their mind.

Sometimes situation is different when you might require tubal ligation reversal. These are the situations, in which you may be suffering from the post tubal ligation symptoms like painful and irregular periods, vaginal dryness, ectopic pregnancy and other menstrual related problems. In such cases tubal ligation reversal is considered even if the couplesstill do not require the child. Other symptoms of tubal ligation due to which tubal ligation reversal is decided are sleeping trouble, hot and cold flashes, early menopause, mood swings etc.

There are many situations in which success of tubal ligation gets increased. First of all age of the women is major factor that should be considered before going for tubal ligation reversal. Women above age of 40 are required to consult the doctor before going for the treatment. Success of tubal ligation is directly dependent on the damage caused by the original tubal ligation. If the tube were damaged in the process of tubal ligation, then problems might occur in the reversal method. In some tubal ligation process, ligation is done by removing the small part of fallopian tubes or by applying clips. In such cases reversal method is more appropriate to undergo. Success of reversal method depends on the case and may vary also from 25 to 75 percent.

Women who have undergone the procedure of tubal ligation are aware of the fact that the process is very complicated and not an easy one. So when they again are in a need of reversal method they know well in advance what all problems will they have to face. Normal time of reversal method to get complete is three hours.

Just like a tubal ligation, a tubal reversal is also a complicated surgery which takes nearly three hours to complete. It should always be performed by a skilled surgeon who has experience in the tubal ligation reversal technique.

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