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  GivingHopeLLC.com - Where Intended Parents Find Egg Donors

We warmly welcome you to Giving Hope Egg Donation! Our egg donation agencyworks with loving and caring couples with fertility problems, and who havetried to conceive without success. Our female egg donation database bringstogether Intended Parents with one of our special egg donors to help give thepriceless gift of a family. We specialize in Giving the Gift of Hope to ourIntended Parents, the hope of making your dreams of having a child a reality.


Giving Hope Egg Donation
Giving the gift of hope
2668 E. Lapis Ave.
Meridian, Idaho 83646

Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine - Fertility and infertility treatment,IVF in Boise

There are over three million infertile couples in the United States. Factorsaffecting men account for about 40% of the causes. Until the past few years,many of these couples were only able to become parents through using donorsperm or adoption. Fortunately, increased focus on male infertility has led toa series of recent advances in the medical world. Now, virtually all forms ofmale infertility are treatable.


Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine
111 Main St, Suite 100
Boise, Idaho 83702
Phone: 208-342-5900
Fax: 208-342-2088

OHSU Infertility Program - Home Page - OHSU Fertility Consultants

The routine semen analysis is a relatively insensitive method of assessing male fertility since a significant number of fertile and infertile men have similar semen parameters. The Optimized SPA is a second generation test for the evaluation of sperm function and is very different from (and should not be confused with) other SPA protocols. The optimized SPA methodology enables the physician to more accurately select those patients that will benefit most from IUI, IVF, or ICSI regardless of semen quality


OHSU Fertility Consultants
OHSU Center for Health & Healing
3303 S.W Bond Ave., 10th floor
Portland, Oregon 97239

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