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In general, it is appropriate to see a physician for infertility after 12months of trying to get pregnant on your own. The appropriate amount of timeto try on your own can be longer, or shorter than one year. For example, ifyou are only 25 years old and feel that you want to give it more time to occurnaturally you might try for another 6 to 12 months. You also might want toseek medical help for fertility issues without waiting for a year of trying onyour own if you have a condition that is a known risk factor for infertility,such as irregular menstrual cycles, endometriosis, previous tubal pregnancy,PCOS - polycystic ovary syndrome, etc.


Chicago Oak Brook Fertility Center - IVF, Infertility, Advanced ReproductiveHealth

A healthy fertile woman has a uterus and ovaries with eggs. The uterus isconnected to the ovaries by two fallopian tubes. Her fertile partner makeshealthy sperm in his testicles which is then expelled in adequate numbersduring ejaculation. This is just the beginning - much more is required toconceive a child.


Illinois Fertility Center-North Shore

IVF literally means "fertilization outside of the body". Sperm from the maleare combined with the female's eggs in a petri dish (round glass dish) wherefertilization occurs.

Sperm for IVF can be collected from the spouse, or in cases of severe maleinfertility, from a donor or using intracytoplasmic injection (ICSI /IVF).

ICSI is often used to obtain sperm from men with very poor sperm counts or insome cases, no sperm in the ejaculate. The eggs can also be from the spouse orin cases of poor egg quality or ovarian failure from a donor.


Karande & Associates, S.C. & specialists in male and female infertilty

Infertility affects about one in seven couples of childbearing age. Current statistics show that about 35% will be female related, 35% will be male related, 20% will be a combined problem and the remaining 10% will be unexplained. Consequently, it is crucial to treat both the woman and man when assessing the infertility work-up phase of treatment.


Hoffman Estates (Main)
1585 North Barrington Road
Doctors Building Two, Suite 406
Hoffman Estates, IL 60194

Fertility Centers of Illinois

In a normal menstrual cycle, just one egg/oocyte each month develops and matures. The egg matures with a fluid filled structure on the ovary called a "follicle" which can be seen on ultrasound. In an ART cycle, ovulation induction medications (typically daily self-administered injections) are used to stimulate the ovaries so that multiple follicles (eggs) will develop.


Laurence A. Jacobs, MD
John J. Rapisarda, MD
135 N. Arlington Heights Rd.
Suite 195
Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089
tel: 847/215-8899
fax: 847/215-8996

Rinehart Center - Home Page - Dr. Rinehart and Dr. Coulam in Illinois

Pregnancy loss is a distressful experience. It is especially devastating when the losses are repetitive. Until recently, there was little a couple could do if the suffered from so-call unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss. New research, however, has provided information on the causes of the heretofore unexplained pregnancy losses resulting in the availability of treatment that enables women to carry their pregnancies to term.


2500 Ridge Avenue - Suite 200
Evanston, Illinois 60201
Phone: 847-869-7777
Fax: 847-869-7782

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