Artificial Insemination, Intrauterine Insemination and Cost of Artificial Insemination.


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Artificial type of insemination

Artificial insemination is for the couples who are planning to have a child, but after trying number of times they are not able to get a child.

  Conceiving naturally is the best way for a woman, but all women are not that lucky in this regards.

Couples having the problem of fertility and are unable to get childneed to get this type of procedure. Now-a-days artificial insemination is becoming popular. This is because almost every woman wants to have a child in which some of them can do anything to get pregnant.

In artificial procedure, sperms of a male are directly implanted in to the uterus of a woman so that the eggs and sperm can combine to produce pregnancy results. This is a very crucial process in which women also undergo the observation so that right time can be determined for the implantation. One important thing to note in this process is that there is no need of physical relation between the man and woman to get a child. Sperms are collected hours before the implantation so that they can be washed and good quality sperm can be obtained. After that whenever the fertility time of women occurs the sperms are planted in to uterus. Before going for the insemination the couple must consult the doctors so that they can be able to know whether this procedure is right for them or not.

Mainly there are three types of artificial insemination methods, Intrauterine insemination (IUI), intracervical insemination (ICI) and Intratubal insemination. ICI method is quite inexpensive and also painless. This procedure gets over quicklyalso. In this procedure the sperm of the man is implanted into the cervix, from there it flows to uterus and after that to fallopian tubes so that the eggs can get fertilized.

In IUI process, the sperm of the male or donor is depositeddirectly in the uterus of a woman to fertilize the eggs. ICI and IUI are the common used methods of artificial insemination. Intratubal success rates are low as compared to the two other artificial insemination methods so it is used in a rare chance. These two procedures (ICI and IUI) are best for the man who is having problem of infertility and for the women having cervical mucus problem.

Now-a-days women between the age group of 30 to 40 who desire to get pregnant use these artificial methods to get pregnant. Such types of women do so because they are not able to find a right male partner, when the partner is against decision of getting one more child or is having infertility problem. Not only this, newly married couples who have planned for a child and are unable to do so, also take help of the artificial procedure of getting pregnant so that they can also complete their family and can feel the pleasure of becoming parents.

If you are not able to become pregnant naturally then donít feel embarrassed as there are many such women who are unable to succeed by natural ways but still get blessed to be called the Mothers with the aid of these above stated methods.

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