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IVF Doctors and Infertility Clinics in Minneapolis.

  Center for Reproductive Medicine

IVF was the first procedure used to fertilize eggs outside a woman's body. In 1978, the first "test tube baby," was conceived through IVF. Most assisted reproductivetechnologies (ART) are derived from the IVF procedure.

The same hormones that stimulate one egg to be produced each cycle are given to the woman in higher doses to produce multiple eggs in the ovary. These medications are given at home by the woman herself, much the same way a diabetic gives herself insulin injections.

During this stimulation process which takes about 10 days, the woman is seen in the office 4-5 times for vaginal ultrasound assessment of follicle (egg) growth and blood estrogen determination. These visits tell the doctor how many eggs are being stimulated and when they are ready to be retrieved. A minimum number of follicles must develop to make the retrieval worthwhile. Cancellation or postponement of the cycle may occur if there are too few or too many follicles noted on ultrasound.

Egg retrieval is performed while the woman is asleep under sedation provided by Nurse Anesthetists. The doctor inserts a needle through the vagina into the ovaries and into each follicle using ultrasound guidance. The follicle fluid containing the egg from the follicle is aspirated into test tubes and given to the embryologist for identification. Each egg is then placed in an incubator where it will be placed with sperm a few hours after the retrieval. The number of eggs retrieved can range from 0 (rarely) to 30 (rarely) depending on the age of the woman and her ovarian sensitivity.

The egg retrieval takes approximately 20 minutes, and the woman then recovers in the recovery room until she is ready to return home for a day of rest on the day of egg retrieval.


Center for Reproductive Medicine
2800 Chicago Avenue South, Suite #300
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Point Acupuncture and Asian Medicine

At POINT clinic, your initial treatment will be approximately one hour and subsequent visits will be approximately 40 minutes.

Because each personís health issues are different, and response to treatment is unique, the number and frequency of treatments will vary. As a general guideline, conditions that are acute will respond faster than chronic conditions. Typically, the recommendation for acupuncture is twice a week for three weeks to assess favorable results. Some patients may respond favorably after one visit, where as others may require several months of treatments for maximum results. For a limited amount of people, despite best efforts, the patient does not respond to acupuncture.

POINT clinic only uses needles that are manufactured, packaged, and shipped in a sterile environment. The needles are used only once, then safely discarded.

The most common side effects are local bruising and mild discomfort at insertion site, but these effects are temporary and do not deter the effectiveness of the treatment. While rare, more serious side effects include fainting, needle break, bent needle, or puncture of internal organs.

The techniques of cupping and moxibustion may also be included with your treatment. Cupping uses warmed jars that create a light suction when applied to the body. Its purpose is to reduce local congestion of Qi and blood. Moxibustion involves burning the herb mugwort above the skin at specific acupuncture points and it helps eliminate disease by warming the Qi and blood. Moxibustion is best suited for weakened or chronic conditions, or when there is cold or dampness obstructing the bodyís meridians.


Point Acupuncture and Asian Medicine, 236 Cretin Avenue South, Saint Paul, MN 55105

Natural Health and Fertility Center

Eileen received the degree of Master of Oriental Medicine from the Minnesota College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota. She is nationally certified in acupuncture and herbal medicine as a NCCAOM Diplomate in Oriental Medicine.

"From an early age I was raised to believe that good health is largely in one's own hands and mind-we are all capable of an incredible amount of self-healing. My family's approach to healthcare was largely preventative, with an emphasis on good nutrition, vitamins, herbs, daily exercise, and an optimistic and spiritual outlook on life. I would like to see all couples who are struggling with a diagnosis of "infertility" start with Chinese Medicine before they agree to much more costly, painful and stressful treatments. A large part of what we do is to bring your body functions back into a state of balance and harmony to give you the best possible chance to become pregnant, even if you find you need to undergo more modern methods Western medicine has to offer. Recent studies have shown that a truly complementary partnership between Chinese and Western medicine just might bless you with the best possible outcome of all!"

Christian received a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. He also lived in Tianjin, China for a year and a half where he studied at the Number One Teaching Hospital affiliated with the Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is nationally certified in acupuncture and herbal medicine as a NCCAOM Diplomate in Oriental Medicine. Christian is the first Minnesota-based Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. He is on faculty at the Traditional Chinese Medicine department at CenterPoint Shiatsu and Massage Therapy School in Minneapolis.

"My initial interest in Chinese medicine began when Western medicine failed to diagnose and treat a health issue I experienced more than ten years ago. I turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine and was astonished by the results. Having a background in chemistry with studies in pre-med, I was prone to having a skeptical attitude towards my treatment. I sought to better understand my recovery and pursued studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine. My specific interests in fertility and men's health issues developed in China. I saw Chinese Medicine practiced on a very large scale, with large numbers of patients effectively treated for a wide variety of conditions, including infertility as well as issues associated with men's and women's health. With the fertility challenges couples are facing today, helping them achieve their dreams of conception naturally is very rewarding for me. Equally as important, people can achieve overall health through Chinese Medicine to prevent or reduce present or future illness."


Natural Health and Fertility Center
2740 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis MN 55408
612 871-2288
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