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In vitro fertilization (IVF) literally means "fertilization outside of the body" compared to in vivo fertilization which is "fertilization within the body". IVF has made it possible for millions of infertile couples to create healthy genetically related children. The IVF process is summarized as follows: 1) the female's ovaries are stimulated to recruit many follicles each of which contains one egg. 2) When the eggs are mature, they are withdrawn from the follicles. 3) The eggs and sperm are combined in a Petri dish. 4) Once fertilization occurs, the embryos are cultured in an incubator where they remain for 3-5 days. 5) When the embryologist and physician agree that the embryos are mature, they are transferred to the uterus.


Fertility Clinic Virginia Infertility Specialist Norfolk

It is mandatory for the male partner of all infertile couples to undergo a thorough physical examination followed by repeated semen analyses. The semen analysis should always include a state - of - the - art determination of the basic semen parameters ( i.e., sperm concentration, motility, morphology, and viability ) as well as an immunological ( presence of antisperm antibodies ) and a microbiological ( semen culture ) investigation. If needed, more advanced sperm function tests should be performed; for example, valuable information about sperm fertilizing capacity can be obtained through the assessment of sperm - zona pellucida binding ( using the hemizona assay ), acrosome reaction tests, and other bioassays.


Norfolk, Virginia
EVMS Main Campus
601 Colley Avenue
Norfolk, Virginia 23507
( 757 ) 446-7100

Fertility Center

The crux of infertility evaluation rests on the couplesí medical and pregnancy history as well as a limited number of tests. Because of this, it is crucial that both partners be present at the initial screening evaluation. Infertility is a shared experience, and it is common that problems are noted in both partners. As with most medical evaluations, the process used to identify a potential problem should begin with the easiest, least expensive and least invasive approach. Therefore, the initial female and male reproductive histories direct the diagnostic process. Diagnosis requires an assessment of ovulation, sperm production, fallopian tubes and the uterine cavity.


2150 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20037

Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine

Unlike sperm, which men create throughout their adult lives, women are born with a finite number of eggs. A female fetus contains approximately seven million eggs, but by the time that fetus has become a baby girl and is born, the number of eggs in her ovaries is down to between one and two million. By puberty, a normal girl will have lost all but 400,000 of those eggs, and she will continue, throughout her adult life, to lose approximately 1,000 eggs each month. It is estimated that during a woman's reproductive life, she will ovulate only about 450 eggs; the rest of that large reserve will die naturally on their own.


Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine
11150 Sunset Hills Rd, Suite 100
Reston, VA 20190
Phone: 703-437-7722
Toll Free: 888-NORISK-0
Fax: 703-437-0066

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