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Iui Procedure

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Iui Procedure.
A guide to iui procedure

There are many reasons responsible if you are not able to get pregnant.

  Many people believe that it is because of the infertility problem of the women. It is not true always fertility problems may also present in the men. If you have tried a lot and failed in your attempts of getting pregnant, you are adviced to take the help of the doctor who can help you in getting a child.

Men having low sperm count are in the category that should undergo the iui procedure. Not only this is the reason of iui procedure, couples who are having problem during their intercourse are also in the category of iui procedure, whatever may be the reason.

The procedure is known as Intra-uterine insemination which is called iui. In iui procedurethe sperm of men are inserted into the uterus through the cervix of the women. The procedure of iui can be performed with or without using fertility drugs. While you are going for the procedure it must be made sure that you have atleast one open fallopian tube. Both partners are required to undergo the tests or diagnosis just to ensure that they donít have any infectious disease.

Fertility drugs help in ovulation. In the case where the problem of infertility is in male partner these drugs are not recommended as it increases the possibility of multiple pregnancies. Couple should discuss all these issues with their doctor so that they can get to know enough what is required. They should not keep any doubt in their mind and ask every question to the doctor.

In theiui procedure the male is required to release the sperm so that it may be collected hours before. It takes almost two hours to prepare the sperms for the implantation prior to the procedure. In the procedure, the doctor can test your urine and blood samples to see that everything is alright. You will be required to take the drugs in the case of stimulated cycle at the beginning when your menstrual cycle begins to stimulate ovaries. When ovulation starts, the male produces a sperm which is washed so that the best quality can be obtained out of that. At last the sperm is than inserted into your uterus with the help of catheter tube. After two weeks of this procedure you can go for a pregnancy test.

Iui procedure usually lasts for 5 to 10 minutes and after that the patient is required to take rest before returning to normal activities. Some chances of cramping and side effects may occur but it happens in very rare cases.

Several reasons are responsible for infertilityproblem. Some reasons are quality of the sperm, sperm unable to reach the uterus of the woman, sperm not able to fertilize the eggs when combined. But whatever may be the reason, the results are very disappointing.Iui procedure is the answer to some of the couples but there are certain factors that should not be overlooked such as the age of the person going for the treatment.

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