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Ovulation Cycle

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Ovulation Cycle.
Information about ovulation cycle

Period of normal ovulation cycle is of 28 days, but in case of some women it differs, means that the duration can be short or long.

  Period of ovulation cycle can extend to 35 days also.In fact majority of women have irregular ovulation cycle period. Ovulation period occurs when the egg is matured and is released from the follicle. First day of your ovulation cycle is when your period starts. Usually fourteenth day is the day counted for ovulationwhich is in the mid of menstrual cycle. Body of women is controlled by the hormones which are produced within the body.It is the work of hormones to tell the body when to produce the eggs and also cause the change in the cervical mucus.

There are many ways to identify the day of evaluation. Some women keep the record on the chart or on calendar. Many types of ovulation kits are available in the market now days.Women now days use these kits to find the day of ovulation. Ovulation dayis the period when a woman ovulates. By using the kits predicting the period of ovulation has become very easy. But the kits are not useful in the situation where the period of ovulation cycle is irregular. In such situations predicting the period of ovulation becomes quite difficult. Basal body is also a way by which you can get to know about the time of your ovulation. When the time of ovulation starts, temperature of your body rises by approximately 4 degrees.

If you are having irregular periods, and the problem continues then you should consult the doctors and find a solution. Texture and color can also be considered while monitoring the cervical mucus. This all can be done to find out the day of ovulation. Ovulation cycle can be divided into phases. In first phase of the duration,chances of conceptionare very less because no cervical mucus is present in vulva and dryness is there. In phase second, mucus must be present of cream or white color. Texture becomes very sticky type and stretches when you touch it.The area becomes moist. It is this point in your ovulation cycle that chances of your pregnancy increases.

In third phase of ovulation cycle, ovulation is approaching and if you get engaged with your partner in sex over next two days, chances of conceiving a baby becomes higher. At this time amount of mucus gets increased. Appearance of the mucus becomes similar to that of the white part of a raw egg. Now the mucus will be stretchy, non-sticky and starts carrying the sperm to the egg for fertilization. If you are looking forward for a family, then this is the time when you should get involved physically with your partner.

Now comes the fourth phase. In this phase,texture of mucus is same which is sticky, but at this point of your cycle there is a very few chance of getting pregnant.

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