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  Reproductive Care Center

Dr. Keith L. Blauer was previously the Infertility Medical Director, Chief Executive Officer and President of Genetics & IVF Institute (GIVF) in Fairfax, Virginia. GIVF is one of the largest fully integrated providers of infertility and genetics services in the world.

After spending 21 years east of the Mississippi River, he was excited to return to the intermountain region and become more involved in direct patient care, which he states is his “true love”. Dr Blauer was raised in the farming community of Burley Idaho and graduated from Burley High School in 1973.

Dr James S. Heiner is the founder of the Reproductive Care Center, the first private practice infertility and IVF center in the state of Utah. The center opened in 1996, followed by the IVF service which began in April 1997. The first five IVF patients conceived and the center has had excellent pregnancy success rates ever since. Dr Heiner’s goal is to deliver the highest quality fertility care, employing a very caring and competent staff and the latest available techniques and technologies.

Dr Heiner was born in Salt Lake City, Utah; he has also lived in Little Rock, Arkansas; Montreal, Canada; Southern California; Provo, Utah; Paris, France ( 2 years as a missionary); and Galveston, Texas.


Reproductive Care Center
10150 Petunia Way
(10150 S 1405 E)
Sandy, Utah 84092
Phone (801) 878-8888
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