Menopause Symptoms, Pre / Early Menopause Symptoms

Menopause Symptoms

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Menopause Symptoms.
Some symptoms of menopause

Menopause means end of monthly cycles. Women suffering from menopause face the problem related to fertility which is indicated by permanent stoppage of menstruation cycles.

  Usually the period of menopause lasts until mid-50, but there is a chance that some women may suffer from this problem for lifetime. Below is the commonmenopause symptoms:

Hot or cold flushes/flashes: many women face the problem of hot or cold flushes. This is the most common menopause symptoms. Hot flashes can be described as a sudden feeling of warmth or heat. It creates redness on the body especially on the upper part and face. When a woman approaches the menopause stage, hot flashes starts occurring. For some women experiencing the problem of hot flashes can be like riding on a roller coaster. Not all but more than half of women suffer from this problem.

Night sweats: other types of menopause symptoms are night sweats. It is likecausing of hot flashes and is more intense. It is also known as nocturnal hyperhydrosis in technical term. It is not similar to sleeping disorder, but it can be said as perspiration disorder which occurs during sleeping time.

Irregularities in periods or in menstrual cycle: sometimes in life women suffer from the problem of short periods, irregular periodsand absence of periods. Many conditions are responsible for these menopause symptoms. Periods starts coming before normal time and on the contrary may not come for a long time. It is quite possible in this symptom that in previous month you might have a few days of cycle and in the very next month you get heavy bleeding. Also it can be that while you are getting normal periods suddenly for a month or two you donít have any periods at all.

Libido loss: many sex therapists believe that libido is the problem which should be addressed when it is supposed to be a problem. It occurs when you feel low in the desire of involving in sex with your partner.

Vagina becomes dry: drying of vagina is also one of the bad menopause symptoms. In this symptom your vagina becomes dry and itching also starts. Tissues of vagina become less elastic. You feel very much uncomfortable while doing sex. Problems become very much irritating when this problem occurs in 20s or 30s. Your vagina starts taking time in getting lubricated and becomes short in width and length.

Mood Swings: mood of a person differs with the change of situation. You are happy at one time and other time you become sad. This all happens because of menopause. Physical disorder starts occurring.You should consultthe doctor as soon as possible if you are suffering from any such problem.

Feeling tired: you start feeling tired at the time of menopause. Not only this you face problems of weakness and low energy. This affects your daily life by making you feel irritated. You start feeling stressed at the time of work and in relationships.

Loss of hair in whole body and skin gets thinner: hair of your body starts falling and your body parts become thin. This is also one symptom among various menopause symptoms. Thissymptom is more likely to be noticed because it is obvious that you notice your hair in your brush.

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