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Once the cause of a couple's reproductive problems has been determined, many avenues are available for treatment. Drug therapy may help overcome problems resulting from hormonal imbalances. Surgery may be able to remove obstructions and clear pathways necessary for conception. Some couples may find that some form of assisted reproductive technology or artificial insemination offers them the best chance of achieving success in their attempt to conceive a child.


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1135 116th Ave NE - Suite 640
Bellevue, Washington 98004

Washington State Fertility Clinic Infertility Services

IVF is a “first line” treatment for many of the conditions that cause infertility. It is an accepted medical procedure and thousands of healthy babies have been born as a result of in vitro fertilization. Before IVF came into routine clinical use, many couples, especially those with male factor infertility or tubal disease, had no hope of creating a genetically related child.

To control the timing of egg maturation, and to increase the chance of collecting more than one egg, fertility drugs are commonly used in in vitro fertilization cycles. The use of fertility drugs is not mandatory as techniques are available to collect only one or two eggs from a natural cycle (no medications). However, it is known that with increased numbers of eggs being collected, there is a greater chance of ultimate success. Natural cycles typically produce lower pregnancy rates than stimulated cycles.


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IVF is probably the most well known of the "Assisted Reproductive Technologies," and has helped infertile couples conceive and bear children for over two decades. It was originally developed to help couples overcome tubal factor infertility, but has become useful in treating other factors, such as immunological problems, unexplained infertility and male factor infertility. There are now treatments for virtually any reproductive problem from the most severe sperm problems to the use of donor oocytes to combat the effects of maternal aging.


Bellingham IVF & Fertility Care
2980 Squalicum Parkway, Suite 103
Bellingham, WA 98225

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