Ovulation Symptoms, Post Ovulation Symptoms and Clomid Ovulation Symptoms.

Ovulation Symptoms

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Ovulation Symptoms.
What are the Ovulation symptoms?

There are some periods in your life, in which if you have intercourse with your partner chances of getting pregnant increase.

  Becoming mother is like stepping in to a new phase of life and the feeling cannot be expressed in words.

Ovulation symptoms are those by which you are able to figure out when you will be ovulating. You will be able to find out the most fertile day with the help of the ovulation symptoms. If you are planning to get pregnant and want to increase the chances then you should engage with your partner at that point of time. But the concern is how you will be able to know that you are about to ovulate. Identification of ovulation symptoms is not an easy task and becomes hard in some cases. Women having irregular menstruation cycles face even more difficulty in identifying the ovulation symptoms.

There are some clues that can help you in knowing about the ovulation symptoms. You should write on a calendar your days of menstruation cycle and the last ovulation period and make it a habit, by this you will be able to predict ovulation symptoms in a better way. There is mucus from your cervix inside your vagina. As you get close to ovulation period, the texture and characteristics of the vagina changes constantly. You will find that when you are reaching to your extreme fertility period, texture of the mucus will start becoming stickier and will stretch when you will touch it. When the highest level of the fertility comes, mucus of the cervix textures the look of raw white eggs. In this period the sperm can survive for longer time and your chances to become pregnant increase. 

When the period of ovulation gets over you will find that your basal body temperature starts rising. Temperature of your body rises because production of the hormone progesterone related to your menstruation cycle increases. You should notice while noting your temperature that you are most fertile in two to three days before your temperature increases even more. In all cases it is not same as it can take up to additional two days after ovulation and you can also get false feeling that still you have not yet ovulated because it takes time for progesterone hormone to increase the temperature of the body. If you have desire of getting pregnant then this time is the best for you. It is your task to take caution in this period. Many women suffer from the problem of severe and mild ache and that can be for few minutes or for hours also. At this time you should consult your doctor as it can be a sign of early pregnancy or a sign of painful ovulation period.

It is all upon you that how you understand the signs of your body as your days of fertility approaches and in what manner you control the reproductive decisions.

So, if you are able to identify the ovulation symptoms you increase your chance of getting pregnant by making physical relations with your partner.

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