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Iui Success Rates

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Iui Success Rates.
Cultivating the chances of success in IUI

Many couples all around the world are facing infertility as the most common issue for their disappointment.

  Fortunately, they can find several treatments available in medical science against this problem, and Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is also one of them. If a couple is also suffering from the issue of infertility, then they can utilize the benefits of IUI to be able to conceive. However, you might want to know about IUI success rates before opting for this treatment. Although it is not easy to perfectly deduce the rates as they varies with several factors while also varies in the case of every couple facing infertility problem. But the pace in the advancement of technology has facilitated this treatment with better equipment which has contributed a lot in improving IUI success rates.

However, the overall statistics for infertility treatment around the globe has shown that the IUI success rates lies in the range of 20% to 30%. While according to the factors which impart a significant effect on these statistics, the cases of IUI in which only one sperm egg is utilized for fertilization, has very low success rates lying even below 20%. On the other hand, the couples who have utilized fertility drug also like Clomid in conjunction of the treatment are having significantly high success rates lying near about 20% to 25%. While the more expensive variants of IUI like In-vitro fertilization are having better success rates lying near 30%.

Several other factors are also there that significantly affects the IUI Success rates. For example, the women having comparatively younger age are more likely to conceive in the procedure, while the women older than 40 year have got very less chances of a successful pregnancy even after undergoing IUI. In addition to this treatment, to improve the odds of success, the couples can also utilized several other available therapies to improve sperm count and motility.

One of the most interesting things about IUI is that, if the couples undergo multiple rounds of this treatment, then they will be having better chances of success with every round. For the success, the timing of injection plays a very important role, therefore the medical specialist and the couples should work together to determine the best time to undergo the process which is before the ovulation period. And after performing this operating multiple times, with each trial, the doctors can perform optimization to improve the odds of success. Furthermore, some specialists recommend consecutive IUI trials, rather than longer gap trials.

Generally, IUI success rates are more in the cases if the couples are having problem of sperm count or PCOS. However, fortunate couples with more severe problems have also got unexpected success with this treatment. Therefore, if you are in confusion, whether you should go for IUI or not, ask a medical expert about your case. Also you should give this method at least a try before undergoing more invasive and expensive methods like ZIFT, IVF and GIFT.

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