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Symptoms of ovulation

Ovulation is the day in between of your menstrual cycle which occurs when the eggs are released from the ovary and follows through the fallopian tube so that the eggs can become available to the sperm to get fertilized.

  Women who are desperate to become pregnant should consider the symptoms of ovulation. If you have the knowledge of this period then you will be able to identify the best days when you can get pregnant. Not only this, it also helps you to understand the correct time for getting tested when you are pregnant.

If you want to know the most fertile days in your menstrual cycle then you should be able to depict the signs or symptoms of ovulation. For doing this, counting days is the best and natural option. Usually a woman has a 28 days menstruation cycle, which can differ among different women. Not all women have the same period of menstruation cycle. In some cases the period of cycle may even increase up to 35 days. If you have a regular period of cycles then you can easily predict fertile days, but if you are suffering from the problem of irregular menstrual cycle then identifying the most fertile day becomes difficult for you.

Cervical mucus should be considered as the symptom of the ovulation. Texture and color of the cervical mucus gets changed as the time gets nearer. If you experience a sticky and stretchy type of cervical mucus you should consider that the time has arrived or is near. The discharge should be taken in between your finger and thumb and then it is stretched to check the consistency. There is a change in the cervical mucus at every stage of the menstrual cycle. So you can easily monitor when the particular time is going to arrive. There is a time in which women donít have any cervical mucus present, and dryness occurs around their vulva. This is the time when the women have less chance of getting pregnant.

As the time gets passed away you will again experience a discharge which is of egg white color. When the cervical mucus is very much sticky and do not break easily when stretched, then it is the time when women is at peak of ovulation. This time is considered best for conception.

Many tools are also available in market. Other very good method of finding the ovulation day is by using the BBT. BBT is basal body temperature which is used to know about the particular day. When the day of your ovulation is nearer you find that temperature of your body gets increased. At this time eggs gets released from the ovary. Temperature of your body at that time increases by 0.4 to 0.6 degrees of Fahrenheit. You should have the habit of noting down the body temperature so that knowing the particular day becomes easier.

Increase in sex drive, tenderness of breasts is also some symptoms by which you can come to know about the days of your ovulation.

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