Tubal Ligation, Pregnancy after Tubal Ligation, its Side Effects and Complete Procedure.

tubal ligation

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tubal ligation.
Tubal reversal-is it right for you?

There are many questions that are asked by the couples who are in need of tubal reversal surgery and have undergone the tubal ligation method.

  Many reasons are there due to which the couples have to go for the tubal reversal method.

If you have undergone the tubal ligation method and now want to conceive a child then you might need the tubal ligation reversal method so that your tubes may get joined again and you become eligible to get pregnant again. Tubal ligation are of many types, means there are many ways by which a doctor can tie your tubes. There are many doctors who donít leave enough tubes so that they can be tied again, for tubal reversal it is important for you to have a healthy and enough tube so that they can be tied again in a proper way. If you have applied clip or ring method then the chances of getting pregnant for you again increases by 74% if you are going for tubal ligation reversal surgery. Women undergone the coagulation surgery have 65% of chance and the women with ligation or resection method have 62% of chances of getting pregnant again.

If you donít know the type of ligation you had undergone, there is no need to worry you can find it easily by the reports related to surgery. Age factor forms an important role in tubal reversal.Fertility rate decreases as your age increases. You have great chances of getting pregnant again by reversal technique, if you are young. If you are elder than 40 years and having ovulation and periods, you can still become pregnant but the chances are quite low.

tubal ligation reversal

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