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Reasons for ICSI treatment

There are many reasons of male infertility and now we have many treatments to get rid of this problem.

  A man suffering from theproblem of infertility will experience low quality of sperm and also low sperm count. If you are among them, then there is no need t to worry as today there are many treatments available in market. Couples who are in a desire of child and are affected by this fertility problem can also become the proud parents of a healthy child.

ICSI ( Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection )is very effective in treating the man facing the problem of infertility. Earlier infertile men had very few options, but when ICSI came in 1992, many issues of infertility got sortedout. Now with the new inventions, men having little or no sperm ejaculation can become biological father of a child. This all became possible because of ICSI. There are few steps in the process of ICSI.

In first step of theprocess, egg is retrieved from the body of female. Normally for this procedure hormones are administered so that egg follicle can get matured and it can be assured that only few eggs are available for the retrieval process. After that in this process the fertility expert will retrieve the eggs from the follicles of woman. These eggs will be then used in the further process.

Second step of procedure is to search for a healthy sperm. Ejaculated sperm is preferred the most. But if there are no sperms present, cells of sperm can be obtained directly from testicles of male. Sperms are collected with the help of a small needle. After collecting the sperm, it is injected into the egg which is previously harvested. One of the best thingsaboutICSI is that only a single sperm is needed for the fertilization. It increases the chance of succeeding. Egg is fertilized in the lab only so growth and development of the egg can be monitored effectively. Best fertilized egg willsurvive at last and after which it will be planted in the uterus of female through the process of In Vitro Fertilization also known as IVF.

ICSI is also a part of In Vitro Fertilization process. But it is not necessary that ICSI is always combined with the process of IVF. ICSI process is accompanied with IVF when the male fertility is also the problem like low sperm count or no sperm at all, poor quality of sperm which is not capable of making a woman pregnant. If you had an unsuccessful case of IVF before then you may be suggested by your doctors for ICSI. There are many cases of testicular cancer; in such type of case sperm obtained can be frozen before the treatment beginslater on used forthe ICSI process.

If you have infertility problem then you should consult your doctor who is an infertility expert. Before going through this process make sure that you have gained enough knowledge for this treatment. Be frank with your partner and ask for suggestions so that you may find a better way.

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