Clomid Success Rates and Clomid Success Rates with PCOS & IUI.

Clomid Success Rates with PCOS & IUI

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Clomid Success Rates.
Clomid success rates

Clomid is the most commonly prescribed fertility drug in the market today.

  And that is because it is not only very easy to consume the drug (pill form, not injections) but because it is quite effective as well. 80% of women who take Clomid to help them to ovulate have been successful in getting the desired result and 40-45% of those women get pregnant in their first 6 cycles using it. Because 25% of female infertility is because of a woman either not ovulating or not ovulating regularly, Clomid is probably the most, well known and used fertility drug in America.

A common problem that women normally state is that they are not able to ovulate due to the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Clomid is a very good option for a woman with PCOS, so long as she doesn't have a blocked tube. A woman who is undergoing intrauterine injection is also a good candidate to get it as well because the doctor needs to be sure that she is ovulating when they inject her husband's sperm into her womb. The procedure is costly and time consuming, so getting it right in the first time is always the goal.

Side effects? There are only a few side effects associated with this drug, and they are very similar to that of pregnancy "side effects." The most common one being:

* hot flashes

* nausea

* mood swings

* breast tenderness

* decreased quality of cervical mucous

In order for the sperms to be able to travel to the fallopian tube, find the egg and fertilize, there must be good quality cervical mucus to allow this to occur. Because Clomid can decrease the quality of a woman's cervical mucus, she will want to use a sperm friendly lubricant in conjunction with the drug. Preseed is probably the best one in the market.

Can Clomid really help you to get pregnant? The answer is YES! If you have been struggling for months trying to conceive, but to no avail, talk to your doctor to see if Clomid is right for you. A woman with a blocked tube or other medical conditions may not be a candidate for the medication. The medication is so effective that nearly half of the women, who used it, did indeed get pregnant nearly right away. And of those who are successful, 10% have twins, and 1% has triplets (or more)! With not very many side effects and the fact that it is very easy to take, the drug seems like a very good option for many couples suffering with female infertility.

Getting pregnant with Clomid is quite easy and simple and the side effects that are discussed above are not that major that one should think of avoiding taking this drug due to its side effects

This can definitely be opted by females who are desperate to experience the best part of their life and that is their motherhood, but it should be done under doctor’s advice and recommendation for best and early results.

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