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Fertility Chart.
Why you should use fertility chart?

Fertility chart is for those, who want to get pregnant or are suffering problem of infertility.

  If you want to know the most fertile days of your month,then you should understand the working of your menstruation cycle.

Fertility chart is the best way of tracking your cycle. If you maintain the chart you will be able to know the best timeof your conception. Not only this fertility chart can also help the women avoid the chances of getting pregnant and that too without using any birth control pill or other method used for preventing pregnancy.

There are two tools of fertility chart. First tool is chart of menstrual cycle. You can easily find this chart at your nearby drug store. But now day’s women are using online charts as they are becoming more popular. For this many web sitesnow offer you additional facilities so that you can be able to get help about your past ovulation period and can predict future ones, also increase your chance of conception. If you maintain fertility chart then in case of complexities when you require consultation from your doctor, the observation of chart will make the work of identifying the problem easier. Sometimes charts are not able to provide you actual results when you are having irregular menstrual cycles. In such casesprediction of the ovulation days become quite difficult. If you want to get pregnant then you should compare the results of several months to know the exact time when you can increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Another tool of fertility chart is BBT known as Basal Body Temperature. BBT is not same as ordinary thermometers. If you have the habit of noting down the temperature daily then you can easily get to know the ovulation days. When your ovulation days are near your normal body temperature will rise. You can compare the temperatures and whenever you feel that the temperature has risen, it means that you are in ovulation period. BBT is also available easily at the drug store.

For effective use of this tool of fertility chart, you are required to take the proper sleep of atleast 8 hours without any disturbance. You should keep a pen and diary so that you note down the temperature in morning without making any delay. You have to record the base temperature of your body which is displayed as soon as the thermometer starts beeping.

You can also note the temperatures on the online fertility chart available on the websites. By this the web site will help you to track the changes in the period of cycle. If you are suffering from pains or any changes of mood then you can also note it down. All the relevant information should be filled so that the identification of the correct time becomes easy.

Fertility chart is used mostly by women so that they themselves can come to know about the period for which they are waiting from such a long time.

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