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  Infertility, IVF and Egg Donation- Cincinnati, Ohio

In its simplest term, IVF is simply the uniting of egg and sperm in vitro ( in the lab). Subsequently the embryos are transferred into the uterus through the cervix and
pregnancy is allowed to begin. IVF was the first of the ART techniques to be developed. The first birth was in 1978 in England. The procedure was pioneered by a
Gynecologist and a Ph.D. ( Drs. Steptoe and Edwards). Next came GIFT which stands for gamete (egg and sperm) intrafallopian transfer. This procedure requires
laparoscopy which is small incision surgery and requires a general anesthetic. With existing technology, pregnancy rates are similar with IVF and GIFT. Since IVF does not require surgery, it has supplanted GIFT.


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Cincinnati, Ohio 45209.

Advanced Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology Services

IVF: the oldest of the ART procedures. Louise Brown, the world’s first IVF baby, was born in 1978. IVF involves ovulation induction with gonadotropins, office-based vaginalegg retrieval, fertilization with husband/partner/donor sperm in an incubator, and transfer of the resulting embryo(s) through the cervix into the uterus in a simple officeprocedure. IVF was initially developed for couples with infertility due to tubal blockage, but other causes of infertility also respond to this treatment.


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Infertility caused by a male associated factor occurs in 40 percent of couples who have trouble conceiving. Therefore, a semen analysis typically is done very early in the evaluation of a couple’s infertility, preferably as one of the very first tests and clearly before any invasive or painful tests are done on the woman. Eliminating or better understanding male factors to a couple’s infertility can save precious months and potentially dollars in the long run.


The Bethesda Center for Reproductive Health and Fertility
10506 Montgomery Road Suite 303 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 (513) 745-1675 1-800-634-1222
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