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It is a scientifically proven fact that both men and women can be infertile. Infertility occurs when there is no conception even after one year of regular sexual intercourse. Causes of non pregnancy can be due to infertility in men, infertility in women or even both.

Impotency or erectile dysfunction and Infertility in men should never be clubbed as both are totally different problems. An infertile person can easily have proper erection whereas a person with erectile dysfunction is fully capable of producing a child. These are some of the basic misconceptions which are needed to be clarified as several people may go for wrong treatment due to lack of knowledge. Infertility in men is often caused by physical problems like making sperm or preventing it from reaching the egg. Problems with sperm may exist from birth or develop later in life due to illness or injury. Some other possible problems include:

Male fertility can be affected due to sexually transmitted diseases or other genital infections.

Blockages in parts of the testicle or other physical damages prevent the sperm from getting into the semen.

Certain hormonal disorders in the pituitary and thyroid glands, can cause infertility.

Impotency or Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can also cause infertility in men. Factors such as psychological problems, chronic illness or side effects of certain medications lead to impotency. Nearly 40% of men are assessed of infertility due to Varicoceles. These are enlarged varicose veins that develop in the scrotum and prevent blood from flowing properly.Lifestyle can influence the infertility in men. Stress and Pollution can temporarily reduce sperm quality. Environmental toxins, including pesticides and lead, may cause some cases of infertility in men.

It has been revealed that out of the total infertility, 50% was in men, which were earlier neglected. According to medical experts all problems of infertility found in men are now curable. Infertility in men is initially probed with a physical examination of general health along with a discussion about past and present medical history. The doctor pays special attention towards outer characteristics of the body to check for structural irregularity or signs of possible hormone problems. The causes of infertility are detected considering the medical history. Issues that will be discussed during the medical history apply to both the man and the woman. Infertile men are usually treated with invasive painless methods which improves the chances of pregnancy. The treatments generally include drug therapy or possible surgery to improve the situation. A testicular biopsy is done for men who face a problem of premature ejaculation, to find out whether they have undeveloped sperm in the testes. Although there is no effective treatment for low sperm count, it can be treated with artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization with partner or donor sperm.

The saddest part is that the infertility in men is increasing day by day. Instead of ignoring and cursing one self, people must get a proper check-up to know the real cause of infertility.



Infertility in women occurs when she does not conceive, when desired, after one year of constant efforts to become pregnant.

There are many risk factors that hamper the chances of pregnancy in a female. Experts believe that infertility is more common amongst working women. They have become more career oriented and independent, be it financially or emotionally. Long hours of work and stress often results in chronic diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, heart disease etc. which also results in infertility. Age is another factor that leads to increasing infertility amongst women as most of them do not want to get married before 30. Doctors say that the fertility rate is highest for females between 20-35 yrs of age. This is known as their reproductive age. Even if they get married in their reproductive age, they don’t usually plan their baby soon enough. Modern Lifestyle is also the cause for infertility in women. Alcohol and smoking adversely affects fertility in both men and women.

Physical factors that lead to infertility are:

Tubal Blockage

Blockage of the fallopian tubes does not allow the sperms to reach the ovules which results in infertility.

Ovulation Problems

The irregular periods strongly suggest that an egg is not being released each month. Sometimes women still cycle but ovulation does not happen every month.

Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained infertility is a terribly frustrating factor which means that treatment is not directed at any known cause. Recent analysis and study says that approximately 60% of couples face unexplained infertility problems.

Despite of all these factors, there is still some hope for infertile women to enjoy the bliss of motherhood. Thanks to advancement in medical sciences, it is now possible to have a healthy child, which was virtually unimaginable a few decades ago. Technologies such as Artificial insemination and In Vitro Fertilitisation (commonly known as IVF) enable these women to have their own baby and bring joy to their lives.

An in-depth report on the causes, diagnosis and prevention of female infertility is done during the fertility treatments. Diagnosis of infertility begins with a medical history and physical examination of both the partners. The doctors may order tests, including the following:

• an endometrial biopsy, which tests the lining of the uterus
• hormone testing, to measure levels of female hormones
• laparoscopy, which allows the provider to see the pelvic organs
• ovulation testing, which detects the release of an egg from the ovary
• Pap smear, to check for signs of infection
• pelvic exam, to look for abnormalities or infection
• a postcoital test, which is done after sex to check for problems with secretions
• special X-ray tests

Fertility treatments like Artificial insemination and IVF are a kind of roller coasters for couples wanting to have a baby desperately. At one point of time, infertility due to female factors was thought to be the only reason behind all fertility problems. Today, experts recognize that female infertility accounts for about 40% of all infertility cases, while male infertility accounts for 40% to 50% of cases.

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